Sister Activist

Today is the first birthday of Occupy Wall Street and to celebrate I put together this little film ‘Sister Activist’. It was filmed yesterday all in one shot on Governors Island and features the immense talents of Goldie Rush and Ryan Commins. 

Occupy has had a huge impact on my life and I feel it’s effects spiritually as much as politically. This film represents that spirit. Summoned through incantations, she is an angel of revolution returning to our planet on the winds of a hurricane. In a wondrous display of the ultimate triumph of love over greed, she represents an inevitable and benevolent cycle of life, a true revolution.

I actually wrote the words to Sister Activist last year immediately after Hurricane Irene and just before the birth of OWS, when I felt something was very much in the air. Now, as I write this, I am flying over America on my way to San Francisco and as much as it pains me not to be in NYC for this special anniversary, with this film I feel I have still been able to contribute to the proceedings. 

Sister Activist is dedicated to social activists everywhere and is my special tribute to the feminist movement and it’s influence on revolutions.

2 years ago
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